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Top Ad
Top Ad

Keep your ad at the top of its category

With up to 10 times more views than regular ads1, Top Ads duplicate your listing and put you in prime selling position. It’s a no-brainer: the more people see your ad, the better your chances of selling!

Why Choose Top Ad?

  • Good for ads with multiple items
  • Perfect for continuous or repeat sales (like services)
  • Great for high-priced or popular items and services

Benefits & Tips

  • Your ad will occupy two spaces to help boost your listing’s exposure
  • Your ad will be put in the top of the category list
  • Buyer sees it immediately in the first results of their search

How it works

Your ads get displayed in two different locations: within the dedicated Top Ad section of its category for the length of the option, as well as its regular spot in the search results.

If there are more than five Top Ads between you and other sellers in the same category, they will rotate each time the page is loaded. That way, every Top Ad gets equal exposure.

This popular feature displays up to five Top Ads at a time.

Top Ads receive up to 10 times more views1 on average than regular ads. That means you can claim the prime spot and get maximum visibility.

Because of their prominent position within the category, Top Ads are the listings that get the most views and responses.

Your ad will stay in the Top Ads section for three, seven or 30 days, depending on the category.

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