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About Us:

TorPeople Inc. (TorPeople.com) is one for Canada, Toronto Chinese life information site focused business yellow pages service, designed to provide a free exchange of old and new immigrants, students internet. TorPeople Inc., Canada, China also is the main platform for immigrant students and entertainment, the station prominent interactive, practical and free characteristics are Chinese Canadian information exchange, make friends and help each other online home, 100,000 times a month independent IP access, more than 1 million hits.

In the development of Toronto profoundly affected and changed the way of communication and overseas Chinese living habits, which provides users with a convenient and great communication platform to practice a variety of life functions, social services and business applications in people's lives; and it is growing at an unprecedented rate change people's way of life, and create a broader Internet applications.

Various groups, organizations and individuals are free to publish this site needs to provide information, mutual interaction. However, due to the free release characteristics of the site, we have all the information published on this site and expression of the authenticity, validity assumes no responsibility, and I hope you can consciously safeguard.

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