Website URL
Website URL

Drive people to your website

The Website URL feature drives buyers directly to your own site. They get more information and you get more traffic - it’s a win-win!

Why Choose Website URL?

  • This feature makes your URL clickable and helps boost your website in search results
  • Offer visitors more info, more pictures and more related products as you showcase your business
  • Promote your ad and website at the same time

Benefits & Tips

  • Show people you’re a reputable seller
  • Add more photos on your site to boost sales
  • Suggest other items buyers might like

How it works

Not only will buyers see your ad on TorPeople, you can drive them to your website where you can give them more information, photos, showcase similar items and more.

As soon as your payment has been completed, your URL will be displayed.

This feature places a clickable link to your website in the right side column of your listing. Psst - it’s super visible and one of the first places users look in a listing.

The Website URL feature allows you to promote your site while promoting your ad, which means more potential recurring sales.

Once buyers visit your website and learn more about your item, they’ll be more likely to respond and buy. Make sure you add extra photos to up your chances of selling!

The Website URL feature lasts as long as your ad is up on TorPeople.

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