The right feature to sell fast.

The Urgent & Reduced feature is perfect for quick sales. It flags your ad with a bright red banner, making it quick and easy for buyers to find it.

Why Choose Urgent/Reduced?

  • Sell your items faster
  • Sell at a reduced or negotiable price
  • Perfect for when you’re moving

Benefits & Tips

  • The red banner makes your ad pop
  • Attract people looking to buy fast
  • Urgent ads get up to 3x more views and responses than regular ads
  • For best results, add the Urgent & Reduced feature as soon as you post your ads
  • Buyers can filter their search results by Urgent & Reduced to find a deal or the most flexible price

How it works

The Urgent & Reduced red banner helps your ad stand out from the pack.

The Urgent & Reduced feature doesn’t change the position of your ad in the general listings.

This feature will display as “Reduced” in the cars & vehicles category, and as “Urgent” in other categories.

Urgent & Reduced ads attract keen buyers who are looking for a quick sale.

Because buyers can filter quick-sale and discounted items, you’ll receive up to 3x more relevant responses than regular ads.

Ads will feature the Urgent or Reduced banner for a period of one week after purchasing the feature.

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