Highlight Ad
Highlight Ad

Make every ad shine.

The Highlight feature places your ad against a blue background within the search results so it stands out from the crowd, giving you up to 2x more views and responses than regular ads.

Why Choose Highlight Ad?

  • Grab buyers’ attention
  • Sell your items faster

Benefits & Tips

  • Stand out in both search and category listings
  • Attract more views and responses
  • For best results, add the Highlight feature as soon as you post your ad

How it works

The Highlight feature makes your ad pop against a bright blue background in the search results for maximum visibility.

The Highlight feature doesn’t change the position of your ad in the general listings.

The Highlight feature is recommended to be purchased for ads in services, vacation rentals and community categories. In all other categories, you can use the Urgent feature for extra visibility.

The more eyes you draw to your ad, the better your chances of selling.

Thanks to their prominent blue colour, Highlighted ads get up to double the views and responses compared to regular ads.

Ads will be highlighted for a period of one week after purchasing the feature.

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